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Hg:L-S coupling or j-j coupling?

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    When testing Bohr's theory by Franck-Hertz experiment, we have electrons colliding with Hg atoms. a Hg atom will absorb electron's energy when this energy can make it jumping to a higher energy level. I wonder Hg is more like L-S coupling or j-j coupling, for I want to measure its higher excited state by accelerating electrons faster.
    By the way, I have known that L-S coupling is effected when residual electrostatic is far lager than spin-orbit interaction.

    Thank you!
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    Andy Resnick

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    There are both LS and j-j transitions in Hg I. For example, the 253.7 nm line is LS-forbidden but j-j allowed, and is in fact one of the brightest spectral lines.

    NIST maintains a comprehensive searchable online database:

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    Thank you!That database is very useful!
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