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Hi all,came here to learn electrodynamics from experts

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    I am currently pursuing masters in electrical engineering fom India...my specialization is communications and signal processing.....I am extremely fond of physics ...paricularly electrodynamics...quantum and statistical are out of my reach for now...but I would love to know them also...so I would like to describe myself as simply "ignorant but curious"........also I am severely obsessed with dirac delta function (and its derivatives)
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    Welcome to PF!

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    What are your plans after your MS?
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    bad financial conditions....also loosing patience for study.....phd,dsc.....7-8 years more....job for sure
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    You could transform what you know into a book/website or blog to help others. Who knows the possibilities that will unfold?
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    Tons and tons of great books and blogs are already available...I don't want people use swearing words against me ...ha ha ha.....truly speaking I always consider myself as ignorant ........actually it happens when you are surrounded by legendary people and you feel like a newborn baby !!!)
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