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Hi all genius, pls help me solve me homework(relativity)

  1. Aug 5, 2006 #1
    Hi all, pls help me solve the problem below,easy for you right? I very appreciate your help, thank.

    A flash of light is sent out from a point x1 on the x-axis of an inertial frame S, and it is received at a point x2 = x1 + g. Consider another inertial frame, S´, moving with constant speed V = bc(c=light speed) along the x-axis; show that, in S´:
    i) the separation between the point of emission and the point of reception of the light is g´ = g{(1 – b)/(1 + b)}^1/2
    ii) the time interval between the emission and reception of the light is t´ = (g/c){(1 – b)/(1 + b)}^1/2.
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    Doc Al

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    Well, what have you done so far? Where are you stuck?

    To get help, you need to show your work.

    Hint: Apply the Lorentz Transformations. They can be found here:
    Basic Equations of Special Relativity
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