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Hi All -- I am creator of Optical Table Simulator

  1. Oct 17, 2016 #1
    Hi All,
    My name is Radek Strugalski and I am creator of an Optical Table Simulator, a 2D precise ray tracing engine written in Silverlight 5. It can be used for educational purposes, experimentation or jus fun. It's completely free and so far no plans to spoil it with ads. :)
    I saw that some members some time ago were looking for such a application. So here it is:

    Have a fun :)
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    Welcome! Can you port it to HTML5? Why require a download of silverlight and IE?
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    Hi Greg, I wish I could, however when I started building it, which was 7 years ago (hard for me to admit that), Silverlight was really a promising framework, with many prospects to the future. It offered high speed of development, great tools, portability, C# as one of supported languages and so on. I didn't want to scratch the project but instead wanted to see it being released. Unfortunately Google and Apple decided otherwise so now Silverlight is supported only by IE, to my and other developers regret. Porting it to HTML5 would probably require 5 or more years of coding, I guess more as HTML5 is much worse development platform than Silverlight. And raytracing will most likely by much slower than with Silverlight so it will possibly make the port useless.
    So, still it is perfectly fine to use IE in conjuction with Silverlight, for at least another 5 years. :) And maybe HTML5 will be completed by then and fast enough to consider the port.
    Thanks for the interests, Radek
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