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Hi all I'm new here

  1. Jun 14, 2012 #1
    Hi there I've finally decided to sign up after this site has helped me hundreds of times with my assignments and other uni related questions. There is always something off here that comes up in my google search results :D

    Anyway just thought I'd make an intro post so it doesn't look like I just came on here to pick brains for one thing and then leave. I'm a BE(hons) mechanical engineering student living in New Zealand currently in my second year.

    I will be doing more asking and reading than contributing though I think, I'm not very smart at bookwork compared to a lot of the people doing my degree (hence why I've used this and other sites so often!) so please bear with me!
    I'm more into hands on work like working on my cars, but being a regular mechanic can only get you so far in life ;)

    So anyway I've been browsing a few sections already and the knowledge I have available to read up on is amazing, this is truly a the kind of place I need to be at to get better grades and understand more of the world :)
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    Welcome to PF ghost!!!

    What's your favorite fish?
  4. Jun 14, 2012 #3


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    Evo, I thought you're supposed to ban ghost not to welcome'm to PF. :p

    Hope you enjoy it here ghost_r32 :)

    PS. It would be nice if you pick a ghost fish. :biggrin:
  5. Jun 14, 2012 #4
    Welcome to PF!!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here!!!!

    So, what about the fish??
  6. Jun 14, 2012 #5


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    Welcome to PF ghost.
  7. Jun 14, 2012 #6
    Hey guys thanks for the welcomes. I don't have a favourite fish, I hate them all. I have been fishing about 6 times now and have never caught a damn thing :(
    Oh also I got my first warning for posting in the wrong section hahah, getting in trouble already.

    Oh by the way I was going through some threads and saw things about arduino. Do many of you have experience with it?
    This might be the place to help me with a project I have always wanted to do. I want to use arduino to program a security system for my car. I want to be able to wire it in line/interrupt certain signals to the ecu and only allow them to be sent if the right combination is entered, or another requirement is fulfiled, say like a secret button is pressed somewhere in the car. Is that possible? If so, where do I start?
    I have basic programming knowledge with C++ :)
  8. Jun 14, 2012 #7
    You probably like blue whale, don't you??
  9. Jun 15, 2012 #8


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    Hey, Ghost! Welcome.
  10. Jun 15, 2012 #9


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    Hi, ghost r32! Welcome to PF! If you need your sonar fixed, let me know.
    No fishfinders, though!
  11. Jun 16, 2012 #10
    Hey thanks guys. Okay I'll let you know if I need my sonar fixed!
  12. Jun 16, 2012 #11


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    Isn't blue whale the default fish for those newbies who keep their inclinations within the bucket?
  13. Jun 16, 2012 #12
    Okay if I had to pick a fish I would say a great white shark :D

    I spend a lot of time in the Skepticism & Debunking section. Man... Its making me question everything I read and see now haha
  14. Jun 16, 2012 #13
    I've been seeing talk of fish for a while now and I have no idea what's happening.
  15. Jun 16, 2012 #14
    I too, am confused.
  16. Jun 16, 2012 #15


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    Dear oh, dear. A great white shark!..I believe only Evo is qualified to take the proper action here, if casualties are to be avoided..
  17. Jun 16, 2012 #16

    (Okay, so....What is this fish thingy, anyway.... And welcome, ghost_r32!!)
  18. Jun 16, 2012 #17
    Thanks Infinitum.

    I'm actually worried now
  19. Jun 16, 2012 #18
    The great white shark! I agree, we should first make sure that all the security measures are in place. Now all is in the hands of the supreme lard.

    Technically the blue whale isn't a fish. :D
  20. Jun 20, 2012 #19


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    Smacks ghost r32 in the head with a toothy, great white shark.

    If you are still around, you are now properly initiated at the forums! :approve:
  21. Jun 22, 2012 #20
    Oh thanks :D
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