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Hi all. Need Advice. Thank you

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    Hi all. Need Advice. Thank you :)

    Hi all.

    Sorry if this kind of question has been posted but I try googling my question, so here is where I end up. Most of the threads that I read didn't actually specifically answer my question.

    Anyway, my question is, "How do I study and become a theoretical Physicists"

    I know this question is vague. Currently I am doing my BSc Mathematics and Economics, still first year. I know I am still pretty far from being able to study theoretical physics, so I don't intend to pursue theoretical physics study anytime soon yet. I just want to have an idea. And of course, how much money I need to pursue this dream. If this is any help, this is a link of the subjects I am studying for my BSc

    http://www.simge.edu.sg/idc/groups/ge_partner_uni_uol/documents/downloadable_file/idcpub002986.pdf [Broken]

    I live in Singapore and my country doesn't seems to offer this field of study.

    Hope someone could help by showing me like a path, where should I begin, how do I go from there and which institution can I look for. :)

    Second question: I already have a basic understanding of physics. But during my free time, I want to do some reading on physics subjects, Like thermodynamics, cosmology, string theory. I don't intend to learn all at once lol. Just recommendation for a textbook related to the study of theoretical physics.

    thank you all!
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    Re: Hi all. Need Advice. Thank you :)

    Theoretical physics is a way of approaching physics, not a field of physics. You'd need a PhD in physics to do physics research. You really need to major in physics. Math is useful, but economics isn't doing anything for you. Why aren't you majoring in physics? Reading books for the lay-person isn't teaching you physics, and is probably giving you a pretty warped idea of the field. You need to start at the beginning before moving up to what you might consider the more interesting stuff.
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    Re: Hi all. Need Advice. Thank you :)

    thank you for your response! But where can I find a degree that offers Physics Major? The reason is because, there is no Physics Major in my country. Of course I don't mind starting from the beginning, I actually expected to put myself to start from the beginning. But the problem is, I kept googling and still can't get an idea of how/where should start, and where do I go from there.
    thank you :)
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    Thank you. I really apologise for my mistake. I didn't do a search on that two uni. I do know that two uni, I just assumed they did not offer it. Thank you. I already know what to do.
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    Re: Hi all. Need Advice. Thank you :)

    No need to apologize. Just try not to make too many assumptions from now on :)
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