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Hi all, new member looking to learn and share knowledge.

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    Thanks for admitting me to your group, hopefully I'll be able to contribute something worthwhile to your discussions and pick up some valuable knowledge along the way. You're never to old to learn as they say.
    As this is the introductions section I'd better tell you a little about myself.
    Aparently i have a natural affinity with anything mechanical or technical and can see the logical outcome / weaknesses in a design without actually figuring them out, if that's true I don't know but i have a lot of hands on experience with aircraft systems, cars, house building, electrics, hydraulics, etc, etc. I`m educated to HND level but the school of life has taught me more than any educational institute.
    If you fire complicated equations at me I'll give you a blank stare but explain the situation and I'll usually have a constructive suggestion to offer but don't take my word as gospel as i consider myself a Jack of all trades and master of none.
    See you in the forum.
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    Welcome to PF!
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