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Hi all!

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    So, ive never seen where to put this, so i put it here. Hello all, im an sciense adicted person and i'd like to share my little knowledge to you :)

    I have a sciense forum, but i have no members, so yeah! :P http://planetarium55.proboards.com/index.cgi

    Anyway, my mother tongue is greek and i dont know good english, so tell me if im going bad.

    I'd like to share info about 4th dimension (really, is it time or any other?) and about some other theories.

    So yeah hi all! :)
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    Welcome to PF, Mkbul!

    Your English is readable, you have posted in the right place.

    As for personal theories, Physicsforums is NOT, in general, the place for these; rather, these forums are dedicated to helping pupils and students to understand mainstream science.
    That is a tough enough job for our myriad of volunteers!
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    Hi Mkbul, welcome to PF.
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    Hello Mkbul,

    How would you define your bulletein board in relation to these physics forums? Is it targeted at international scientists? Or is it a place to discuss independent theories?
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    Welcome aboard, Mkbul.
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    Whoa thanks for the greetings guys, i hope i will find answers to my questions as a teenager here :)

    Dont be afraid to ask me questions and join my forum! :)

    For my message bard, it is to just discuss theories. :)
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