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Hi All,

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    I am a new member and this is my first posting. I would like to introduce myself.
    I will be starting first year Honors B.Sc. in 'Astronomy and Physics' at U of Toronto, St. George Campus.
    My first question would be if this degree would allow me to go into graduate school in other physics sub-fields, If I changed my mind about astronomy after undergraduate, or if I could go into engineering, probably aerospace.
    Any views are appreciated.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Y'know, sometime I just can't stand it anymore and my curiosity gets the best of me. I have to ask you (and many other newbies who came and posted in here), why this occurs. (I'm guessing that Greg might be curious as well.)

    This is the listing page for this "New Member Introductions" forum:


    You made the thread right underneath a pinned thread that describes the purpose of this forum (i.e. for new members to say hi and introduce themselves), but also to instruct new members not to post questions on here, especially ones that belong in the various respective forums we already have. Your question, for example, belongs in the Academic Guidance forum, where not only can you post this question, but you might also find that similar questions have been dealt in older threads.

    Now, I can understand that, being new, you might not be aware of the existence of such a forum, but what made you (and many other new members here) missed that very obvious thread that sits at the very TOP of the forum list?! Even if you didn't look at that thread, the TITLE itself looks rather obvious.

    What exactly happened here?

    Forever Curious,
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    Don't worry -- I often wonder this at times also.
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