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Hi all!

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    I 'm Kostas, 39 y/o guy from Athens, Greece. My MSc is on non-linear dynamics (quasiperiodic motion), but since 2009 (when i finished), i 've had very few time for more studies or research :frown:.

    Anyways, I really love Physics and as i' ve wandered a bit in the past in PF, I' m convinced that sticking around will quench (a bit!) my thirst for knowledge. I may not help a lot with my posts, as i really need to feel SURE with my replies, but i hope that i ll get back to research soon and thus feel more confident to post a reply.

    I may post questions though, as the level of this forum is really high!

    Thank you PF for giving us knowledge and thank you all for participating!

    Kostas Triantafyllos
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    Welcome to PF!
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