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Hi, Allen Roberts here

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    I've was reading a post that I had found on here, and decided to sign up and see what it was like to be a member. I'm not a genius or even good at math, but I have a few cool ideas from time to time and like to do research on them, and most had formerly pertained to physics in the form of cosmology, which led to magnetics and gravity.

    So, Hi!
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    Hi, and welcome to PF!
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    Please be aware that PF rules do not allow discussion of personal research/theories which go beyond the scope of mainstream science. Other than that, welcome to PF.
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    That really just makes this a forum for basically students of just mainstream science and honestly, the politics of keeping mainstream science, well, mainstream. Which, in a world of true science, makes this site pretty much, unscientific. How sad.
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    LOL. We are a great place to learn about the real world, and real science. If you prefer pop-science imagination, the PF will not be your primary source of entertainment. Welcome to the PF. This thread is locked.
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    Pretty much.

    On the contrary. "True" science operates according to (usually) rigorous methods and strives to meet high standards that we at PF value greatly. The rules by which our site operates places us just about as close to being scientific as you can find. If you think otherwise, then you are free to go elsewhere.

    Edit: Whoops, looks like Berk locked this while I was typing.
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