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Hi and a Q on friction

  1. Apr 11, 2009 #1
    Well hi. im in 7th grade and im learning physics. Me and my friend saw a vid on 1 of newton's theroys. It was "time goes slower while moving faster", if i recalled right. and me and my friend wanted to go past the speed of light to break the time barrier and make time stop from newton's work and theroy. So im stuck on 1 question which has less friction a cone, a wedge, or a sphere? and i need to know of a matirial that can stand extreme temps. thx in advance.
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    First, that is actually from Einstein's theory of Special Relativity, not Newton's. Second, you cannot exceed the speed of light, and actually, you couldn't even come remotely close to it with any normal technology. Even if you had sufficient energy to get close to the speed of light, it can never be exceeded - this is one of the consequences of relativity. It would require infinite energy to even reach the speed of light, in fact. As far as drag is concerned, the drag of shapes is velocity dependent, although none of the listed shapes are exactly optimal.
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    so we cant break the speed of light so is it possible 2 break the speed of time and srry i forgot it was Einstein who did that
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    There's no such thing as 'the speed of time'. Time is something that aids us in determining speed. Time dilation does indeed occur with increasing speed, but remember that it has to be relative to something else. Two clocks traveling together at whatever speed will agree, while one in a different reference frame will notice a change of pace.

    edit: So why won't the dictionary link let me capitalize 'time' in my third sentence?
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    i need to plan more things out and reaserch alot more

    anyways i didnt know there was no such thing as speed of time what i was refering 2 is that the speed of which things are moving slows down so much it will stop or at least slow down so much u can barley notice it.
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