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Hi every one, looking forward to talking with all of you

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    My name is Chris and little about me, I have worked in engineering field as an engineer or engineering tech for the past 24 yrs. The majority of my experience was medical device R&D, everything from kidney dialysis pumps to MRI systems as well as a few years in the RF field. Luckily from a young age I have had a love of engineering and physics. I have designed and help design many electro mechanical devices and circuits for companies over the years. This time the project I have been working on designing is my own not something for a customer or the company I work for.

    It will take me a bit but I am slowly building a hand built prototype of my design. If I had minor machine shop and manufacturing capabilities at my disposal this would be a lot faster.

    I look forward to all conversations and exchanges of knowledge. I have read many posts over the last couple years but I have finally decided to join the conversation, along with some my own questions and will gladly answer any question that I can.

    Hope to hear from you.
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    Welcome to PF Chris!
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