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Hi everybody!

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    Hey everyone! I'm a college student and currently my major is undecided, however I have a great interest in mathematics and the sciences. Out of the STEM courses I am currently only taking an introductory Biology course, but plan to take more science and mathematics courses in the near future to see if I have both the talent and passion to pursue a STEM major. Besides that I've always had an insatiable curiosity and it's great to join a forum filled with knowledgeable people that I can learn a lot from!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Nice avatar.
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    Thanks Cruz. Maradona is one of my favorite players. He's definitely a bit crazy but on the pitch he was a genius.
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    He's kinda crazy indeed!

    Do you have a favorite soccer team?
    What is your favorite area of science?
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    My favorite team is Athletico de Madrid and I'm still bitter at Sergio Ramos. If I had to pick a favorite area of science it would probably be physics.
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    I would be too, I watched that game. I actually was rooting for Atl├ętico that time.
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