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Hi everybody!

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    Hi everyone,
    My name is Dannalee and I enjoy science, especially chemistry and biology, and mathematics. I am hoping to get into a physiotherapy course with Griffith University.I'm excited to share questions receive answeres and most importantly learn something new. I hope I can help some people answer their questions and maybe give some good advice.

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    Hi Dannalee

    I couldn't help but notice Griffith University -- are you intending to study at the Brisbane campus? I knew someone who went to that university campus (not sure which one in Brisbane though). (I'm in New Zealand.)

    Welcome to PF, also!
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    Welcome to the PF.

    Physiotherapy is a wonderful course of study. Have you had any patient contacts so far? Do you do any volunteer work with patients at hospitals or with athletes at competitive events (like triathlons, etc.) on the volunteer medical staff? :smile:
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    I am indeed planning on studying at Griffith University. However, I plan on doing this at the gold coast, where I can continue fther with my training as a gymnast. :)
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    I do indeed have volunteer work as I am also an elite gymnast who attends many competitions but I attend the sessions before and after mine and am a volunteer medic. I have many people who have spoken to me about me future career and are awaiting eagerly for the finish of my course.
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    Awesome! :biggrin:
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