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Hi everybody!:)

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    Hello again.

    I found this forum searching for information about the directions for the study of mathematics and I decided to join up. I recently discovered (somewhat unexpectedly) -Love to the direction of applied mathematics, although I have long believed that computer sciences right choice for college, but I realized that my interests are essentially all this time in the other direction.
    I still deal with high school mathematics, but I hope that it will be this year changed. Still very much what you call "green" when it comes to mathematical knowledge, or how to go into the matter more deeply I realize that these concepts are easily understandable - I mean limes, integrals, etc.
    I have not yet gotten to tour the forum - do not know yet what's all on him, I sincerely hope that I will learn many things that could be relevant and useful in the coming years.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thanks. Really appreciate :)
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