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Hi everyone ^_^

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    I'm as happy as a kid in a candy store. I've stumbled across an active forum on Physics <3. yippy!

    I love maths so much!! Physics, on the other hand, bugs me. Physics is like an unremitting nag, poking and tugging at me. I can't set it down. =)

    I'm so excited about PF. Hopefully you guys will like me well enough ^.^ See you around the boards.

    --Ithina; smiles, rainbows, and flutterbys--oh my.
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    Welcome to PF Ithina. It's a fun place.
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    Welcome aboard. You'll learn lots.
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    now don't you think this is a direct insult to Pysics Forums?! :grumpy:

    :tongue:physics is great! hope you'll find that out yourself. oh and welcome to PF Ithina ^_^
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    No. It's a good type of nag ;)

    And thanks ^_^
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    You sound jolly. Welcome aboard the ship!
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    Welcome, Ithina! I hope you get much enjoyment from this forum. And maybe even a love...well, maybe just an appreciation, for physics :smile:.
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    Welcome new person!!
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