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Hi everyone and thanks

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    Hi folks

    Yes. I'm still alive. I'm not ready to climb back on board just this moment (later today? :)). I'm going through an extremely horrible time right now. I have lost some of my ability to read. This is temporary. The only other time this has happened was when they told me I had Acute Leukemia. The next four weeks I was amazed at the fact that I couldn't read. I seem better today though.

    But I just wanted everyone here to know how much I love this place and how you good people (most anyway) post in a professional manner. This place has given me endless hours of fun.

    My next project will be the history of SR/GR. Is this the place to post this topic?

    Thank you to all my gaurdian angels. :)

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    Sometime, we lose perspective on what's important in life, especially when we're too engaged in something. I truly hope and wish for the best to you.

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    Pete! I don't know if you remember, but you helped me understand the SR theory over a year ago. That meant a lot to me. No doubt you've helped many other people just like me and that makes you a guardian angel, too. Hang in there buddy!
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    Best wishes!
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    good luck :smile:
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    Just wanted to add to what Severian said. You helped me tremendously in understanding SR also. Hang in there my friend!
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    Thanks to you and learningphysucs and all the rest. It is quite touching to know that I was able to help. I appreciate relaying that to me.

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    I wish u all the Best ~
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    HI, glad you came back to give us a update. I hope all your treatments go well, and you keep your fighting spirt. Looking forward to having you back with us. :smile:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It is great to see you back!
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