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Hi everyone!

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    Hi guys!!!
    I am totally new here and somewhat new to forum system too. So let me introduce my self.
    I am in the 9th grade and am simply , simply fascinated by the world of Physics.

    So would anyone here like to be my friend and introduce me to this forum??
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    Hi, and welcome to PF! Feel free to browse around and have a nice stay :)
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    Welcome to the forums, The Legend!

    And, radou, long time no see: welcome back!
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    Welcome to PF, The legend :)
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    hello hello!! nice to see you on this forum!!!;]
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    great response from you guys!!!!
    PF is cooooooooooolll!!!
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    Hi legend, glad you found us :smile:, and I hope you like it here.
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    You've found a rare gem on the internet. This place is overflowing with highly intelligent individuals who are very generous with their time and knowledge.

    Given your affection for physics, I strongly recommend reading http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=df5w5j9q_5gj6wmt" [Broken] article, which was written by one of the mentors here, ZapperZ.
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    Welcome The legend. Sit back and get ready to learn. Perfect place to be.
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    its hard to learn here because its english language:P but english is your native (I think?) so will be easy for you;]
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    This is certainly the perfect place to be!!!
    You guys sure did give me a warm welcome. Thanx again!!!
    And also, the article by ZapperZ was great!!!
    I am so glad I joined this forum.

    Thanks again!!
    (And would someone like to be my friend??)
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