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Hi Everyone

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    I'll be honest. I just joined this forum to get physics homework help, but I really do want to learn physics. I'm taking the calc based intro physics for people in health professions at my school right now. From only one day of class, the teacher seems very nice, but I don't think I will get much out of the lectures just because the physics department at my school has a reputation for poor lectures. Although, I am confident that office hours will help.

    What are your thoughts about how to go about learning physics? It seems that sometimes when people get stuck on a problem, they just try and google the answer for an explanation and learn via that explanation. Even though my assigned homework isn't due until next wednesday, I am almost done because my girlfriend and I are working together. Through some struggling, I am still a bit slow on recognizing things such as when Vf or V0 = 0, or when to use which constant acceleration formula for what type of problem, or even just interpreting some of these questions because that seems like a battle in itself as well.

    I have heard of past students who've taken my teacher just repeating old homeworks and tests. Is that really all there is to it for someone who will only have two semesters of physics?
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    Welcome to PF!
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