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Hi everyone !!

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    I am a college student who are very interested in physics and mathematics.I get a lot of famous and classical relevant books to read to enhance my konwledge on all these subjects.

    Besides the standard physics textbook for college students,i also read the so-called famous monumental work "Feymann Lecture for physics",the goldstein's classical mechanics ,the Griffiths' introducton to eletrcodynamics,the schroeders'thermal and statistical physics and start to get deep into Quantum mechanics also by the great physical educator Griffths' material(ALL His three books are well-written in my eyes) and many of the others in ebook format..!

    I realy love physics and maths...I hope I will be great one day by working in that field.As now,I am still not fully complete my self-studying syllabus on the 4 basic and fundamental part of physics.After that,
    I should study hard on several sort of harder branches like solid-state physics,differential geometry and general relativity,or evenstring theory(I fall love into the whole area of physics.. :) )...and so.Hope this forum can help me for referencing or problem-solving,also make more friends may be useful for me.Thx..:))!!!
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    Welcome to PF!
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