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Hi everyone, glad to be here,
Life is so very interesting. Finally decided to post ideas and questions and sure enough looks like I came to the right place.
I noticed after I joined that one of the topics posted at the top is about asteroid mining. And yes that is one of the ideas I wanted to post about and ask questions about.
So here goes my plunge.
First off our current economic state is not really all that bad. If ideas are going to fly around, we all have to admit that this is all very difficult. Judgement. ridicule, yea it comes with letting crap fly so to speak. And to be honest, as a combat veteran, I would hate to not only see that, as in live in this life and watch most nothing change. Or maybe I could stop thinking to myself and let some things fly to the public.
So here goes, asteroid mining is a huge gold nugget waiting to get plucked from space (not empty space :P). And so far I have not read the post, yet, about the subject. But I figuried that someone had not come up with this idea about it yet, because if someone had, I think it would probably help take the idea off so to speak. Or maybe someone has, and I am just ignorant, which is not surprising.
Robotics, and machines should be essentially the saving grace of this idea. Hey America, China, Russia, Japan, Europe, man spaced flights are awesome, even to moons, planets, etc. But at the end of the day, given current world socioeconomics, geopolitics and the never ending infinity of bull we will forever lobe at each other. It quite simply looks like we won't be sending large numbers of human astrominers into space any time soon. Not to kill anyones dreams to hard. It can and could very well still happen. But from just a plain common sense stand point, sending large numbers of able bodied people into space may not really wag the tail of the international community. Or I very possibly could be just wrong and it is going to happen?
To be realistic, robotics and machines solves many problems in this endeavor. Not a final solution by any means, but it should help fire the engines up so to speak. In essence rather than replacing our workforce with robotics and machines as we have done. We should be able to work out the problem of putting at least large numbers of this generation and next to work building the robotics and machines that will do it for us.
This would for one, help ease any fears, of any country putting to much of its workforce out of its respective borders and far and away into space. Second it should put large numbers of people to work in this country, as well as others. Without getting to off subject, these robotics and machines would literally be out of this world. Not to much, but yea like we have more or less never dreamed up before. Just being honest. Third, it could literally start the world economy back up. Because we would need to resource the resources, logistics, expertise we would develope and train, plus all the capital that seems to be around these days. Plus given enough time, there is a possibility that in the "short term" it becomes a sort of sustainable loop. In the beginning we go after the rare Earth elements, while at the same time and "long term" go after the ore and minerals. Eventually we have "stuff" out the ying yang. Thus we would have even more materials to build... stuff, (cars, buildings, spaceships, planetary colonies, more robotic space miners, rather endless...)? Not only that, but we could build way point stations to speed up communications, new and possibly better GPS satellites, plus whatever else comes from new endeavors that we all cannot think of now?
Also it is a personal opinion of mine that we all need to rethink our strategy about the moon, "star wars", and nuclear weapons. So let me tackle nukes first. Which is to say, that having came as far as we have as a species, it would REALLY suck if it all went up in nukes. Which I think is rather arrogant honestly. The Earth is frickin huge. And I mean it. Even with a thermonuclear war and "winter" that followed it, the chances that at least some humans survive is honestly quite high when you just accept evolutionary biology as it is. The dinosaurs evolved into birds. Kinda crazy to think what we could evolve into given the Earth after a nuclear war. And that is the point. The dinosaurs fought, ate, and evolved with each other for millions of years. So is there ANYONE seriously suggesting that we all just sit around and wait for that big asteroid, or nuke? Seems rather silly if we are all going to be adults and sit around and call spades spades, that we cannot seriously get over and rethink all this bull honestly. And yes if need be the talk inside our own homes.
The moon, seems fair given that I am American, that maybe at least someone is still interested in the moon. We need a moon base. Obviously not an American moon base, but an international one. There I said it. Let the ridicule fly lol. With an international moon base we would have not only a place to conduct experiments and research, but maybe it works out in some unforseen way... hmm, like maybe as a stop off point for astronaunts to get into there better spaceship to continue onto to Mars or Venus. Or maybe as a refuel and drop off point for loads of ore and minerals? Or heck, maybe we can build an international moon base, then add to it, and have people vacation on it. Because that would never be anyones dream. Kinda hard to have people not interested in something, when maybe one day some regular jane or joe can honestly look someone in the eyes and say yea I did that, and it was awesome. I do believe those are called once in a lifetime experiences. Just my opinion, we should expand the net that allows more "regular" people at least a small look at the big time so to speak. Of course there are always security risks, but compared to what we already go through at the airports, I highly doubt ANYONE would mind, the peace of mind, that comes with knowing there is not a terrorist bomb or whatever about to blow your ship as you take off.
And finally "star wars". That old idea about blowing away ICBMs. Not really such a bad idea if we decide to do it internationally and point it in the "right" direction. We live in a galaxy that has comets and asteroids hurtling around. Besides the solid evidence that they have impacted the earth, but also the possibility that they have caused extinction level events more than a few times should very seriously raise some eyebrows. And yea, we have to get this right. Because I honestly expect on a physics forum for people to do the math, and forward the time. We have always been in the window and the more time that passes is only increasing the probability that it happens. Which to say, the experiment already happened. Trust the science and common sense that got us to this point. And even if it is not "star wars", something needs to be put together. Because what if our little fancy idea about asteroid mining knocks one of those things our way and we thought we were so smart and putting it all together and then we sit there and have to take a big bite of our own caused doom? Now "star wars" or something akin to it, does not seem like such a bad idea? To tie into my other topic above, maybe an international moon base could potentially help in the asteroid coming our way obliteration project?
Also this is where I get real far out into it. As a combat veteran I have to say that the U.S. military is really badass. I was infantry, and I met so many good men while I served. But just like I did there, I will also let it be known here. The fact is, is that even with a great military and economy, we cannot take over the world. We land on mainland China we are going to get our ass kicked. Do not get me wrong, they lose to if they ever come here. But that is the facts. Still further, we don't even run the world now. We are leaders no doubt, and we are in charge of a lot and run a lot. But no, we do not run the world. And we never have and never will. And I am not sorry to crack any eggs about this. I do believe that Einstein said that WW3 will bring us back to the stone age. We need to realize that with great power comes great responsibility. I am very glad that mine and our grandparents, fathers, mothers, etc. have fought and died, survived and thrived through all manner of hardships. And they basically gave everyone the finger while doing it and still do. In a very real sense we need to know how to do that again, to the world no doubt, but in a way that gets everybody back at on our side. And so far it seems we are not doing a good job at that because we allow our military leaders to lie to everyone and say yea we can take over this country and that, we allow our economic sector to basically rape and pillage the whole thing, world over now. And all the while we wonder what to do, to steer the ship, and wonder desperately how to get it back on course.
It is literally right in front of our collective faces. The fact is, outside of basic human needs, we are just inventing the whole economy. Not to say it is not real, but it kinda isnt, not to say real people are not coming up and making ideas and inovation happen. But yea, we are going to have to think big, and I mean really big to start this next chapter in our history. And so without further ado my last few ideas are that, like Stephen Hawking stated, we need a few colonies, And still further, we need to seriously think about and digest the fact that we have not only a solar system with possible minable asteroids and that's all cool. But also possibly mining the planets, as well, possible colonies on them, and maybe even further terra forming. Maybe chemically atmosphereing moons or who knows, maybe attempt to make Mars habitable. Like I said, going to the moon is cool, and possibly going to Mars and Venus is even cooler. But when that's done then what? Maybe a Jupiter moon visit? Yea all cool.
But we are all missing the point unfortunately. The big big point. That so many "regular" people are not going to be apart of and do that. And that's why this is such a hard sell up to this point and has been since we all started the whole space race then lost our track. If all that ever happens is a few hundred individuals ever do all this, then trust that we will not only continue to stump when asking for people, and nations to pay for all this. But in a very real sense I can completely understand the "religious" folks sitting around just wondering what we all think we are doing you know? Because at the end of the day (our species ENTIRE timeline), if we don't make it happen for at least most EVERYONE, think like half the worlds population (at minimum, long term). Then yea what the hell are we doing by inventing and dispensing antibotics, which just creates stronger bacteria, to which we have no immunity. Mining asteroids that maybe we ding and dunk long enough to cause a random and hard enough collision to send our way, then no moon base and star wars and look we are all F****ed taking a big bite of suck. Or maybe some random, unforseen international incident, like a nuke terrorist bomb a hundred years from now.
I do believe the expression is "crap is real" suits well here and can be inserted into any point into this conversation I have laid out thus far.
Thank you all for reading,
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Sorry, but we don't allow speculation and personal ideas/theories, but since is an article about asteroid mining, you can post in that thread if you have helpful information to post.

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