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Hi Everyone

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    Hi everyone,

    My names David and I'm a 12th grader over in Toronto - I'm joining this forums because it seems like a helpful place to learn about physics (a subject which I'm experiencing difficulty in because like the typical biology student I'm weak in the math side of the sciences).

    A little about me: I'm going into university next year and have applied to Ryerson University [Biomedical Sciences], the University of Toronto [Life Sciences] and York University [Biomedical Sciences] with plans of going to Medical school after my undergraduate. Being the oldest and first person from my family to attend university the weight is definitely on my shoulders to do well and set a little legacy for my sisters to follow.

    So overall, I've joined this forums because it seems very easygoing and helpful - I struggle in physics because mathematics is not my strength. I do enjoy chemistry and biology so the field of biomedical science is something that seems to give me this plus it allows me to be more "open" with the graduate school I wish to attend (considering dentistry and going into medical school but still got at least 3 years to decide)

    Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know everyone
    - Safii
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    Hi Safii. :welcome:

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    Welcome Safi!
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    Welcome to the forum, sounds like you've planned things out well!
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    Honestly not really; I'm a first generation student so definitely nervous about everything cause I want to transition smoothly but honestly there's just so much to worry about.

    I want to just solidify my background knowledge prior to university because that way I have the basics complete and will have a standard understanding that can be developed further through university however it will truly be difficult being the first in my family to do so.

    I don't know if you can tell but I'm honestly really nervous
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