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Hi Everyone

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    A friend recommended I join this forum so here I am.
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    Welcome to PF! Good friend you have!
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    Thanks Greg. My friend has a Phd in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton. He suggested I come here and present my concept and solution for solving the age old problem of electro magnetism and gravity. Can you direct me to which forum might take an interest? We want to get some feedback before going any further with the concept.
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    I'm sorry to say we are a strict mainstream education community. We work with what is already in peer reviewed journals and textbooks.
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    My theory is a new way of looking at an old problem, but it is based on text book electrical engineering. I have 35 years of electrical engineering experience with companies like General Electric and Westinghouse. There is nothing controversial in my theory, as it does prove by way of known physics and electrical equations that gravity is a centripetal acceleration derived from electro magnetism. I would not present anything that would be counter to journals or text books. It does conclude with F = ma. It provides a logical answer to Newton question of the force behind gravity which he would not have understood during his life span. However it does cast doubt on gravity waves and gravitons, etc... none of which have ever been proven since Einstein introduced the concept in 1916. Mainstream physics hasn't shown to be fruitful in this regard. I believe I have an accurate and text book solution that is consistent with sound physics and engineering. If you still object then I will go back and talk to my friend and see if there is an alternative.
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    Give me some time to consult with the rest of staff.
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    If it helps my friend is Dr. Tom Tonon. He is retired from Princeton University and has several note worthy patents in his field. I have spent several years working on the problem with a friend from MIT. We call Tom the Lion as he has chewed up most of my carcass over the years as the theory evolved. However, we have survived his intellectual thrashing and now he recommends throwing my bones to the hyenas....which is this forum. It is a possible theory which could change the course of science. I would be happy to preface my remarks with concept or theory or whatever is appropriate. We have a straight forward and simple equation for the Holy Grail of Physics using known physics and electrical engineering equations with sound reasoning and explanation for our conclusion. I can't read Dr. Tonon's mind but he has listened and scrutinized my theory for several years now and I think he would like to know what others think. He sent me here for good reason after the equation was finalized. We appreciate you and your staffs consideration. We all think it is an important subject and perhaps it will lead others to something bigger. Thanks, Greg
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    I've consulted and we must decline. Come back when published in a peer reviewed journal. Good luck!
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