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Hi, everyone!

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    Hello, all. I'm an electrical engineering student who will be beginning my Ph.D this month. My research will primarily be focused on nanophotonics, so I hope I can contribute to the physics discussion done here as well as learn from those more knowledgeable than me.

    My username is a Latin phrase meaning "the unknown by the more unknown," or, the act of explaining something in a manner that's more complicated than the question warrants (e.g. Q: "Why does the amount of total current stay the same if we split this one wire into two wires?" A: "Oh, that's simple! Because [itex]\partial_\alpha J^\alpha = 0[/itex]!").

    I think it serves as a good reminder to always address questions at the level the questioner is familiar with, as well as to exercise patience when the more advanced explanations seem simple to us (though only because we're used to them).
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    Welcome to PF!
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