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Hi! Former marketer turned physics student here. :)

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    Greetings, fellow earthlings! I must admit I've been reading these forums for years before finally deciding to join in! I'm from Los Angeles, California, and have a background in digital marketing/advertisement (as well as theatre in my teens).

    I've always wanted to study physics but was heavily intimidated by the math. One of my childhood hobbies (that continues to this day) is learning foreign languages. I always thought that was my talent and that math just wasn't something I would ever be good at. However, I've taken note of the amount of time I actually put into learning languages (or anything else I'm good at really). Fluency doesn't happen overnight.

    I've since been trying to put that same dedication into learning the language of the universe. The results aren't exactly stellar (no pun intended!), but I've progressed more than I thought was possible for me and am ready to study something I've always loved. I'm a little late in the game, as I've now entered my 30s, but this new venture already feels worthwhile.

    Hoping to make new friends here! Cheers! :)
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    Welcome Keira!
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    Thank you, Evo! :)
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    So, Keira, I am puzzled. (I'm only picking on you because I remember your username, as it's an anagram of A Zaire Kid) You've been here for years, finally decide to post,post a handful of messages on your first day, and then....nothing. While there is no mandate that you keep posting, you can understand my puzzlement. And you are not unique - every week or more often it seems that we get a message here that says "Long time listener, first time caller" and that's the last we ever hear of them. Can you enlighten me?
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    Maybe circumstances in her life have hindered her ability to spend copious amounts of time reading and overanalysing posts on an internet forum.
    Why does anyone need to enlighten anyone else? OP has not broken rules or done anything wrong, and neither can they speak on behalf of the other inactive users you are "tracking". OP is not responsible for them.
    I am sure OP would return, but not sure if they would like to make friends with you. You have used the right word - picking and tried to justify it, but there is no justification for it..
    Hold the psycho tude, dude.. :eek:
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