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Hi! From a newbie

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    Hi everyone! I've always browsed through this site a lot before and thought it was high time I created an account. I am a nuclear engineer from India. Mostly work on neutronics (both fusion and fission).
    Passionate about all things science, nature and outdoor adventure sports.
    Apart from nuclear science, also really love biology.
    I hope to learn a lot from here, fire up my creative juices and be of some help to other people :)
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    Hi, I'm new, too. I must say I am finding this site somewhat intimidating. Lots of smart people. I am hoping to make friends with some of them though. So I can ask tediously annoying questions. :)
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    Hi quarkle. :welcome:
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    Hi! I'm sure you're one of those smart people too :) Looking forward to the same!
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