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Hi from Denmark!

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    Hello, i came across this website randomly and people seemed Nice so i thourght i might sign up to get some help and thing like that.

    I am about to go to "gymnasium" ( for you english people its kinda high schoolish ) with the purpose of at some point down the Road ending up as a theoretical physicist, so i thourght i might get some good advice here!
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    Hi Natskyge, i am sure you will get lots of help in these fora, it is a shame we do not give new members the wet fish treatment now, i am sure you would have appreciated it.
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    Depends one what you mean by wet fish treatment.

    Neverthless Hi!
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    It is a joke.
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    Okay, i haven't seen alot of monty Python, thourgh i might do some time down the Road.
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    Welcome to the forum, and you need to watch more Monty Python!
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