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Hi guys and gals!

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    Happy to join!
    I am not studying anything that has to do with physics and science myself, but I still love what YOU are doing.
    I have a hammock company! We are making our own hammocks out of Denmark, and we want to take over the world with our hammock business ;)
    The reason why I join is because in the near future I will make a thread to ask if anyone knows the right software for simulating a stress test for a our hammock model. It has a special design! I would like to know which components are having the hardest time, and also invite people to help in other ways if they want.
    - Of course my endeavours on this forum shouldn't become too much like advertising, even though it will always be that a little bit, as long as I talk about my own business all the time. But let's see! I look forward to cooperating!

    I think the general engineering part of the forum is the right place right?

    - Rolf
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    Welcome to PF!
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