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Hi Guys!

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    I'm a grade 10 student in Canada and I Love physics. I have tons of questions I need answered, so I'm super excited to join the PF community!

    I started studying physics last year and somehow managed to go to the International Physics Olympiad in the summer! I just recently created a website called physicsgrasshopper.com where I post cool problems, resources, ideas, lessons and more. If you like PF, you should definitely check it out.

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    If you're seeing blue, you're moving too fast! :)
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    Hi physicsgrasshopper. smiley_sign_welcome.gif

    Congratulations on your science achievements.

    Note: we don't allow new members to link to their websites.
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    Welcome PGH! Since you are a gold member you are free to place a small link in your signature as long as your website meets our quality standards.
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