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Hi, heed help to choose a new web hosting.

  1. Aug 30, 2004 #1
    Hi, heed help to choose a new web hosting.

    Currently I need to move my hosting to more stable and high-speed provider.

    After some research I selected top three most suitable for my needs
    but looking for someone feedbacks and experience with them so I can stop on that best one.
    What is important: uptime, support response time, PHP, My-SQL databases, affiliate program available.

    They are akashik, thinkhost and webwizards.




    Thank you for any comments, feedbacks.


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    First of all, how much are you willing to spend?

    I've been with 4 different hosts in my time (over a period of about 4 years.) I'm with digitalis at the moment (www.digitalis.com[/URL])... just incase you're interested. :smile:

    You'll find that nearly every company has really good support, with most having response times of usually less than 1 hour during the day. Try sending an email to all three companies, asking why they think you should host with them. They should all send you back an email within the hour (if you send during the day). This is also a great way to find out the benefits of each company!

    PHP and My-SQL, huh? Nifty :smile:

    You'll want a company that is always up to date with PHP and My-SQL, so you might want to ask (in your emails, if you send them) what versions they have. Then go to the respective sites (php.com and mysql.com) to see if the companies are up to date with their software. Also, check out their hosting plans, and MAKE SURE the company you go with has as many My-SQL databases as possible... don't settle for anything less than 5 (even this is pretty low, depending on what you're doing on your site.)

    Make sure the company's control panel is really good too, as this will make things a LOT easier. I noticed none of the three companies offer a demo of their control panels... so you might want to email them and ask to see a demonstration. The first company I ever hosted with had a shocking control panel, and I found this out later when I wanted to write PHP scripts and have database-driven content.

    In relation to uptime, which you said you want, don't settle for less than 99% uptime (most companies will advertise this). A few good companies also offer backup systems/generators, and the ability to backup your files. These are handy to have in an emergency.

    That's about it really... You just need to have a look at each site really thouroughly and see which you like better. If you're like me, you'll find one that's perfect for you, and then find another one that's better... then another... then another... :tongue:
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