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Hi! Help with shell balance

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    hi all!

    is there anybody who can help me with shell balance?
    one of my main questions is wat are the main assumptions wen we apply shell balance....
    moreover.. can anybody suggest a gud book or site/tutorial wer i can get a hang of shell balance properly?

    thank you!
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    Is this for a Fluid Mechanics course? Have you been assigned a textbook? (Which one?)
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    Try Google...

    General information is here:

    http://www.clarkson.edu/subramanian/ch301/notes/shell.doc [Broken]

    Assumptions are list here:

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    chemical recations engg

    oh ya forgot bout that... regarding chemical kinetics... i'm using frooment n bischoff... but not of much help.... i tried google..didnt help..
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    Where exactly are you trying to apply a shell balance in reaction engineering and what are you applying it to? The chemical species which are consumed in a reactor with a specified geometry (ie, plug-flow, cstr, etc)?

    I think your initial question is too broad to give any meaningful assistance. If you're stuck in something specific, like a derivation or question, post that here and it'll be easier to help.
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