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Hi. Here's about me

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    Hi I am just a person interested in games and simulations. I got an A+ on my high school physics test after only studying for one day. But I am not an expert at mathematics.

    Physics, the way I see it, is a an approximation of fluid behavoir, making math equations to approximate the shape/plots of empirical data. We create models of empirical behavoir. Sometimes, these math equations can get very large when the empirical data is non-linear. When these math equations get very large, the brain-drain begins, and that is when I start eating tortilla chips.

    Math, the way I see it, is a system of runes inscribing behvaoir and quantities. Therefore, it is a trait of scribes, if you are good as a scribe and remembering symbols and their relationship between other symbols, you should have no trouble with math. Me, I have a tough time remembering even where I put my spoon down sometimes.
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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:
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