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Hi! I am a new member

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    I have never found sound to be a problem until now.
    I live on a street where, with the exception of cars, the side walks and the street are unobstructed concrete. My second story bedroom window directly faces a dryer vent that sits at street level across the street. The dryer, when on, produces a high pitched noise that is audible when you are outside. The city where I live came out and measured the sound of the (empty) dryer and the sound fell below the threshold of ‘permitted’ noise. However, when you are in my bedroom, the sound is quite audible. This high pitched noise not only penetrates my home but is loud enough to record on my cell phone and wakes me up at night. This noise fills my home. Ear plugs are so so and closing the windows tight does not diminish the sound.

    I have tried working with the people who own the dryer but they are most uncooperative. It seems they believe I am preposterous and they consider the matter closed.

    How can I block this noise? The windows in my room are bay windows that take up a good portion of the wall. Surely this problem is not unique to me, and I am interested in hearing on the nature of high pitched sound and how to counteract it so I can have peace and quiet back in my home!
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    What's a dryer? I have a feeling that the word is not translating correctly. A dryer to me means a washing machine and dryer in a laundromat or in a home.

    Also, is moving a reasonable possibility? In my apartment complex, there are some units that face the parking lot, the outside street, and the garbage dumpsters. Those units must be incredibly noisy -- there is no way I could live in them. If I somehow ended up in one of them, I'd ask the management to please help me move to an interior-facing apartment, or I'd just move to a different apartment complex. :smile:
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    EDIT: however you can purchase a washing machine/dryer combined, also.

    However in NZ it not uncommon for people to hang their clothes on a clothing line.
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    I'd assume it's a clothes line.
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    Sound becomes disturbing when voice becomes high pitched. A voice with consistent noise is also becomes disturbing after some time. It is very necessary to avoid the consistent noise. This can even cause headache for the noisy reasons. Noise should always be kept outside and not given a chance to penetrate.
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