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Hi ! I am Ricky , a new member at Physics Forum .

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    About Me :

    I am a college student ( 10+2) aspiring to get admitted into IITs / IIITs /NITs and other reputed institutions dedicated to Engineering and Technology .

    I have to go through a couple of Nationwide Tests and get a good rank so that I can secure a seat in my desired branch in one of these top institutions of India .

    I am also a science enthusiast and at the same , madly in love with maths .

    Why am I here at Physics Forum ?

    As of now , it must be clear to a lot of people here that , I seek to get answer to questions which I can't solve completely . As a student in a remote area , I have opted for distance learning . With your help , I can clear doubts and at least increase my knowledge . I shall also help others like me with questions which I can solve .

    Finally , I hope people don't have problem with me asking questions all day .

    It would be very kind of you to share some tweaks and tricks and guide me so that I can make good use of " Physics Forums " .

    Thank You
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    Welcome to PF1

    Please take some time to read the PF guidelines under the INFO tab in the site menubar and remember to ask each of your questions in individual threads.This approach improves thread readability and clarity as other posters discuss and debate your question.
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