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Hi, I am Tarabas. I have a question regarding KE

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    Hi guys. I'm new here.
    The question is.
    There are two particles, one with charge -q and the other with charge Q, and -q particle rotates around the Q particle at a radius r1. What is the Energy at this point?
    The answer is like this: E= KE + U
    So now I know that U= -kQq/r1
    But according to the answer: KE= kQq/2r1. And I have no idea how they found this KE. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to PF, Tarabas.

    This forum is reserved for new members to introduce themselves at PF.

    If you have a homework or technical question to ask, please create a new thread in one of the other forums at PF.

    If you wish to post a question in one of the homework forums, please fill out the Homework Template when posting.

    Good Luck! :smile:
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