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Hi I am zhangguangwen

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    I am a postgraduate student in China. I study Particle Physics but have a bachelor's degree in Biology. I hope I can gain helpful informations from this excellent platform.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Wow, where did you study? I'm now studying physics in USTC, and I'm somewhat interested in particle physics (you know, SM, GUT, those sort of things is pretty exciting), but my major is astrophysics. I'm also a Chinese student, of course. It's really nice to know there are other Chinese here.
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    I am studying neutrino data analysis in Kunming. I am also interested in GUT but I can't study it until I have enough knowledge.
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    Kunming is a nice place, much better than Hefei. It's weather and air quality is awesome. It's seems that it's always spring in the whole year in Kunming.
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    Actually it is. I am new here. Do you have some recommendations?
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    Sorry but last time I went to Kunming I was in kindergarten...lol
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    Oh, I am sorry. I have asked a misleading question. I want to ask if you have some recommendations about the Physics Forums. : )
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    Well I can' t help you on this either, cuz I' m even newer than you are :)
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    Aha, thanks either.
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    Just hover over "INFO" at the top right of the page, and select "Help/How-To". There is a lot of helpful information there about how to use the PF. I'll go ahead and close this Introduction thread for now.

    Enjoy the PF! :smile:
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