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Hi; I have a question here About Intel Science Talent Search

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    I'm new to the forum here; so I might say hi here.. I have a great interest in Science; and am highly ambitious; althoug I am a bit indolent in body, seeing that I never exercise. ^^ May I ask this question; and could you all also give some essential information to a newbie on these forums?

    I'm not quite sure where this topic belongs to; but I believe it would be more appropriate here than in any other forum. Are these physics forums essentially the only physics forums that are very active? On a search on many search engines, these are the only decent physics forums; and these forums look great! :) I have had experience forumming in other forums; like HeavenGames; but I'm not quite sure if any of you know about HeavenGames (There are a few science freaks there though; and some are able to answer my science questions; but now I have found the perfect forums for me!)

    I am a 14 year old in a junior high school; and will be entering 9th grae next year; and college in the 10th year. I am getting serious about this competition now; and will even sacrifice my interest in humanities in order to enter thsi program and to do relatively well: (should prove a GREAT experience for a future scientist like me). I think I started a bit too late though; since I'm going to be in IB in 10th and will have hardly any time.

    Has anyone participated in the Intel Science Talent Search? I'm only 14 right now, so there is still plenty of time, but I would like to have more information about the talent search from the perspective of someone who I would be more familiar with. I just would like to have questions answered that are not on the Intel Science Talent Search website. For instance, how difficult is it, and how much time will I generally have to invest into the project, with a busy schedule, a scrupulous worker, as well as a distance course from CTY? What does the project have to be like? How much research should I do? This, as well as more information about the project, would be greatly appreciated!

    As for a project that I am considering working on; I would really enjoy working on something to do with nuclear fusion or antimatter. However, I am sure that those experiments would be expensive; but I can't think of anything critical that needs to be worked on right now other than the development of fusion or antimatter (seems to be a promising energy source to spaceships if highly controlled). Could anyone think of any ideas of me that do NOT involve anything to do with animals?

    As for a category; I would only go for one in physics, chemistry, or earth science.

    Additionally, have any winners gone into mediocre schools? It seems like the vast majority of people there are from among the best schools in the nation, but I only go to a mediocre school; with a bad 9th grade science program (according to what many of the smartest students who take 9th grade science say). I am largely self-educated, but school could even prove an obstacle to me... =/
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    Additionally; how willing are the members here willing to handle "stupid" questions? I'm only 14 years old; so I might ask some questions you all consider stupid; especially in the area of mathematics, as I take an Integrated program, and am only in the Integrated II program so far in my summer school.

    Additionally; I know very little about many of the more complex scientific theories; I can only name them! :P

    btw, how far do your interests in science go, and do you all have interests other than science? I am planning on dropping my interest int he Humanities to focus on a life devoted to science, but I'm wondering if it is essential or not. Additionally, how much of you science enthusiasts take Full IB; and would recommend it while still having a life for scientific pursuits outside of a school's science curriculum?

    your responses would be greatly appreciated!

    By the way; for any of you willing to help a science enthusiast privately; just look at my profile information. I did name my e-mail address after a living scientist (Hans Bethe) though; am I allowed to do that?
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    Also; I have another two points to make.

    Firstly; my behavior may be a bit erratic; but that's because I have Asperger's Syndrome. Please note that I have this condition whenever dealing with me; however, I belive that AS can be a great way to get started on a scientific career, and many scientists have shown symptoms of AS.

    Secondly, what is the best place to put a science quiz in? I love quizzing others; but only as long as it's appropriate.

    Thirdly, how could a young 14 year old like me start getting used to these discussions? These discussions do intimidate me, I have to say; and my school isn't so good until I take IB a year from now, but I want to go outside my school's curriculum. Could perahsp reading the books of Hawkings help? WHat else could really help me in my profound interest in science?
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