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Hi, I need some Help with My PC,

  1. Apr 27, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone.
    okay so here is my situation, I restore my home computer of windows XP.
    now that i have done that, it is telling me i cant download anything becuz of a .net passport from msn.
    i signed up for a LIVE account for it, and i re-did the .net passport thingy, so when i
    entered the screen name and password for it, it tells me its wrong
    I am putting in the correct password, its not case sensitive becuz it is all lower case.
    im trying to put google chrome and reinstall adobe flash/ java back on but it says i cant.
    how do i disable that so i can download tose things freely.
    but if i do need the .net passpord, why does it continuously saying error to continue.
    when everything is correct... if im able to disable great, oh and i dont see the firewall anywhere in the control panel, i have the windows xp home edition
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    My advice - give up on Windows. Why pay money for a bloated product when you can get a better product for free? Go to http://www.ubuntu.com/ and download a copy of Ubuntu Linux and all of these problems will vanish.
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