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Hi' I'm a new user

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    Hi' I'm a new user :D

    Hello everyone.. I'm a new user here on Physics Forums, and I'm here to learn and maybe share...

    Just wanted to say hello..

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    Welcome, nice to meet you.
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    Hello, and welcome to PF! :smile:

    (Finally a normal introduction... Btw, there really should exist a sticky introduction thread or sth like that.)
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    Watch out, things can get rather fishy here in GD.
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    Thank you, nice to meet you too... :) Looking forward to some great physics discussions, even though I will probably just look from the sideline..

    I'm only second year high school, so my expertise isn't very high :P
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    all right Ill look out for the fish (or something) :P haven't heard that term before
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    *whacks naab with a cod fish* Welcome to PF!!! You're lucky you showed up during warm weather...the fish have had a chance to defrost, so we didn't have to hit you with frozen fish for the welcome ceremony. :approve: :biggrin:
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    Hey there, welcome to PF!!!!!

    I'm too nice of a guy to hit you with a fish so don't worry................*wacks naab with a salmon*.....sorry... the peer pressure got to me.

    Hope you enjoy yourself here!
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    In order to participate in the forms you must pledge to believe in Euler and all of his teachings. You must pray to Euler before every exam and homework assignment. Failure to observe our strict religious policy will result in the termination of your membership. Soon you will get an E-mail with texts on Euler to read and hand out to your friends and family.
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    BOSH!!! :rofl:
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