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Hi I'm a physicist (kinda)

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    My name is Joe C.

    I'm a senior about to graduate with a B.A. in physics. I have really enjoyed learning about the workings of the physical universe. It has been extremely challenging at times, especially when dealing with professors who would rather be doing research, but has been very enlightening.

    I feel that physics programs as a whole need to integrate more of their curriculum with programming / simulation activities/education in order to keep up with today's highly technological industries.

    One of my largest concerns as a physics major is that I haven't learned enough practical skills or that I haven't completed enough substantial projects to use as leverage for future employment.

    Although, I will say that the problem solving skill set that I've honed during my time in this program is one of the best things I could hope to acquire in life.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Don't underestimate your BA degree. Employers don't expect you to know everything when hired. Your degree does tell them that you have the ability to learn complex stuff and that is worth a lot.

    You should consider doing some self directed projects both short term and long term that you can mention in job applications. Always keep learning whatever you can and try to apply it in novel ways. These projects can become talking points in an interview and show the employer that you are a self motivated person.
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    Thanks for the advice I'll keep pushin' on!
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