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Hi! I'm a science groupie ;)

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    I have a B.A. in Psychology at a school that had a Research-first oriented mindset. That being said, I still consider myself more of a science "groupie".

    As a writer, nothing gets to me better in a world of fantasy or science fiction than "science done right". It doesn't have to be perfect or even 100% exact. The key, for me, is a system which can internally validate itself, where its rules are consistent, even if they defy our conventional understanding of physics, biology, chemistry, or otherwise.

    On a more serious note, I'm also a big fan of science in its impact on how we view the world around us. I like to keep up with the latest in research, as well as theorizing or talking philosophically about what the results of research might mean in terms of future research, or future applied applications based on the those results.

    I'm probably here to lurk more than anything. If I do post, it will often be to ask questions, (most of the theoretical and hypothetical variety for writing), more than to provide answers. However, if I happen to know an answer to something, and it seems prudent to respond with that knowledge, I'll be more than willing to.
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    Hi Tesagk. welcome_bike.gif
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