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Hi! I'm a science hobbyist

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    I rarely do forum introductions but I'll do my best.

    My name's Tom, and I am a science hobbyist. I enjoy trying to find answers to some of the most difficult-to-answer questions/science fields that are still relatively immature (neuroscience for example). I am definitely not well-versed in the literature of science. I enjoy putting difficult-to-understand subjects into something much easier to understand. I work as a network technician so I've managed to get a few analogies from my time studying computer networks which relate to neural networks.

    Ideally I'd like to put some of the conclusions I've come to on here if that's alright. I don't really mind if they're dismissed; I would just be interested to see if others come to the same conclusion. They aren't quite theories as they don't have the necessary research/evidence. They are more like results of simulations I've run in my head that could potentially be verified if one had access to the right equipment (but I don't).

    Is there a place on here where I could do that? Its the main reason I joined really- I just want to have a good discussion about the fundamentals of gravity and magnetism mainly (their causes and effects: the difficult-to-work-out stuff).

    I'm also interested in the practicality of technology that would allow contactless transport (not quite anti-gravity, but mag-lev ships) although I have an interest in all areas of science to some degree. This is just my area of focus at the moment.

    Hopefully we'll have many interesting conversations in future!
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    Welcome to PF Tom! PF is a mainstream science education community. If that is what you want to discuss, you are at the right place. Speculation and personal theories are not allowed.
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    Thanks for replying! :)

    Shucks, seems like currently I won't be able to post my ideas then. However just to clarify, if my ideas are completely based off of currently existing scientific evidence, does that still count as 'speculation/personal theories'? (As in if I walked through each part and cited the scientific evidence related to it)
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    Yes they do, good luck!
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    Alright, thanks for clarifying. Even if I cannot post my ideas I can still ask questions to help me build on them anyway!
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    If they are mainstream then we welcome them!
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    Hi Tom,
    I'm also a science enthusiast, so enjoy physics forums, it's really useful.
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