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Hi, I'm an amateur and dreamer

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    I'm Jon and I've always been fascinated with figuring out how things work. I'm a software engineer who dabbles in physics in my free time. I've found that the simplification and translation of mathematics of the universe is very similar to taking a complex system and reducing it down to small bits of programming code.

    I also like to dream and do thought experiments. Time and energy interest me, what are they and why are they properties of our universe. I'm interested in the concept that our universe may be an illusion, a computer simulation in another universe. I like to think about our evolution both biological and scientific and think if we're exploring the universe and our star is a late bloomer, there should be intelligences out there that have been exploring for millions or billions of years, what do they do? What do they look like? I want to know what dark matter and dark energy is. I keep coming up with theories of why the big universe and the small universe act so differently, but the math is either too complicated for me to figure out or just plain doesn't work.

    Maybe if I spend more time around people who understand this better, some day I can make a real contribution to our understanding of the universe.
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Hi, Jon. Welcome to PF forum. I also study phsyics in my free time. Actually cosmology interest me much, but since I asked about twins paradox, and the answer is not that simple. I got stuck in SR sub forum for three month instead of Cosmology sub forum.
    And no way that our universe is a computer simulation. I once saw a cat on the street, and he doesn't have a health bar, just like in Farm Frenzy game. I'm pretty sure, we are not a simulation.
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