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Hi, I'm Collin.

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    Hi everybody! My name is Collin and I am a student in AP Physics C Mechanics at my high school (grade 11). I do pretty well in the class (consistent Bs), but only a small portion of the time do I actually know what I am doing. I would like for that to be a large portion (or in a perfect world, always)! Anyways, I love that these forums are hint-based and don't just supply answers. I look forward to being a part of it!

    A little about me: I play the piano. That is pretty much all there is to know! I play for auditions, rehearsals, and in pit orchestras for productions by my high school as well as professional companies around town. Because of this I am often not home until the late pm hours (anytime between 8 and 11) and by that point I am exhausted and want to go to sleep. This might be the reason for my problem - I procrastinate like you wouldn't believe. Anyways, that's me!

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    Welcome to PF Collin!
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