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Hi, I'm Jay.

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    Hi, I'm Jay NotApplicable. I'm a jack of all trades, but I don'the have a degree. I'm 35 years old. I'm now interested in learning more about physics so that I can build machines. I don't have a goal in life to make money. My goal is to learn about anything and everything. And to figure out how to best help poor people.

    I heard a story a while back about an American Christian missionary who went to a poor country to help out. He met some peanut farmers who had to shell their peanuts by hand to sell at the market. So this guy tells the women that when he gets back to America he will ship them a small peanut shelling machine. But when tried searching for somebody to sell him the machine, he found that nobody had invented it yet. There are very large and expensive peanut shelling factories, but not a small scale machine for people with less money. So he had to invent the machine himself, and produce it so that he could keep his word that he would send that machine to the poor peanut farming women.

    So my point is, lots of inventions are never invented because there isn't enough money in it. This leaves poor people without the things that could make life better.

    So my aim is to develop a system to empower poor people. But first I need to learn more about physics, which is why I'm here. Thanks for reading. =)
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    Welcome to PF Jay!
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