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Hi! I'm Justin - I'm a new member! And I like magnetism!

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have joined to learn more about Magnetism and Electromagnetism.

    There is some conflicting information online about the right hand rule, which poles are which, what the field is doing etc.. etc.. ...probably very basic stuff for a proper magnet physicist!
    I would like to know how the proximity of one electromagnet next to another affects their fields, and the effect on the object(s) they are attracting.

    I am interested in controlling the attraction and repulsion of an electromagnet using +/- voltage.
    I can't find a power source that has a knob that has 0 top centre, with + to the right and - to the left, for attraction and repulsion. So to switch polarity I would need to physically unplug the wires and switch them round - I don't want to do this!
    There are some simple control circuits I have seen using a potentiometer, and some more complex options using an Arduino to fade in and out a single or multiple LEDs (or presumably electromagnets, or transistors to switch higher voltages to electromagnets).
    So far I have signed up to TinkerCAD which allows me to breadboard circuit ideas for free online, so I haven't spent any money yet on my research.
    Actually that is not true - yesterday I bought 10 4mm and 10 8mm ball bearings - very shiny and highly magnetic!

    I also have a folder of important laws and equations such as Ohm's Law, Faraday's Law, the right hand rule etc...

    My study is inspired by the Bullet Train and other magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) projects including Tesla projects, which I am just learning about.

    If anyone is also interested in this field of study, or has knowledge on this, please be in touch!

    Leeds UK
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Just FYI, as far as this

    is concerned, that's not how it works here. You post specific questions in the appropriate forum (NOT here in the intro section) and whoever feels like answering will do so.
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