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Hi i'm new here (book suggestions)

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    Hi i'm white knight(night) and i'm from california. I noticed you didn't have a new member intro section, nor an off topic section so i'm posting here. I signed up on your forum because, well to be frank, i had a bad trip on some drugs about a year ago and had a psychotic breakdown/shift in consciousness and i'm now recovering and i'm trying to find solidity in my reality. I was always good at math and I figured a better understanding of physics would help me with this conundrum of mine.

    What books related to physics should i read to better understand the workings of things? It would be nice to start with the foundation of physics and work my way outwards to more advanced theories. I read Parallel Worlds by Michio kaku and i'm currently reading a biography on Einstein. Any suggestions would be appreciated :)
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    Hello there, what is your current math background?
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    Welcome to PF, White Knight.
    You're in the right place. Lots of us have mental problems (mine is ADD), and have managed to make that a positive. I can't really recommend any books because of my age. In my day, it was Carl Sagan, Steven Weinberg, Isaac Asimov...
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    If you can get a hold of the Feynmann lectures in physics, I would suggest reading the earlier volumes.
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    Try our General Discussion forum, down near the bottom of the list. That's where most people put their introductions.

    Tip: if you decide to post a proper introduction there, you can save us a step by telling us up front what your favorite fish is. :smile:
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