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Hi!Im new here

  1. Feb 7, 2012 #1
    Hi all,

    my name is akmal and im from malaysia.im 29 years old and i do like physics and anything related to physical sciences.i hope i can be friends with you all and gain benefits by joining this forum.
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    Welcome kamel!! I'm sure you'll enjoy this forum!!

    Do you have any favorite type of fish, perhaps??
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    Welcome, kamel :smile:!
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    Welcome to PF, kamel :)

    Yeah, what's your favorite type of fish??
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    favourite type of fish?hmmm.......i dunno.....but i do like sardines.maybe i like to eat sardine sandwiches :)
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    *slaps kamel_7 with a HUGE sardine*


    http://touchilka.ru/engine/data/emoticons/trollface.gif [Broken]
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    Now you're officially a PF member. :biggrin:
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    Welcome Akmal. Tell us more about yourself. I'm fairly new myself. Great place to hang out.
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    Hmmmm, that's weird. I don't remember that you mentioned your favorite fish... o:)
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    A fish to eat or a fish that is a friend? Or both? I don't eat my friends.
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    Just any old fish.

    (Do you really have fish friends :biggrin:?)
  13. Feb 9, 2012 #12
    I choose a whale shark because a baby whale shark apparently thought my boat was its mom or something because it came up and laid its head on the dive platform and snuggled up to the boat for quite a while before it finally swam away. It was so cute in a very very large sort of way, (once we figured out what it was and that it wasn't going to take a chunk out of the boat).
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