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Hi I'm new to physic. What does 'traverse' mean?

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    Hi I'm new to physic. "What does 'traverse' mean?"

    So like Im a junior in high school taking Physic.
    In my book, it uses words that I dont understand.
    For example, the word 'traverse.'
    what does it mean?
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    Re: Hi I'm new to physic. "What does 'traverse' mean?"

    It's not a physics word, it means "to move, pass, or go across" (Oxford English Dictionary).

    "The question here is, how would Sauron traverse the roughly 50 miles between Barad-dûr and Mt. Doom in time to stop the Ringbearer?" From Sean Crist's http://www.ling.upenn.edu/~kurisuto/eagles.html
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